• Stephan Longo

What's Your One Thing?

Business owners, are you aware of that ONE THING your customers appreciate most about your service?

It may be the questions you ask. Or, possibly the choices you offer for their particular interests that better connects you with them.

Whatever that ONE THING is, that’s your service value. Marketers call it the Unique Value Proposition (UVP), however, it’s more important that you’re aware of what it is customers appreciate about your service.

Why? Because this ONE THING is why they come back. It’s why existing customers tell others and why they’ll leave glowing reviews. It’s also why you can charge more (versus the race to the bottom approach).

If you have your ONE THING, you’re set! Make the most of it in everything you do and how you promote your business. If you don’t have that ONE THING, create it and cherish it.

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