• Stephan Longo

What Are You Measuring?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

There are many variables that make up your marketing mix strategy. From content and creative execution, to your call-to-action and selection of media delivery. It’s easy to get caught up in putting these individual elements together with a synergistic comprehensive plan behind it all, but then neglect to ask yourself, “what are you measuring?”

With todays’ enhanced marketing tools and capabilities, we all need to embrace holding our work and investment dollars more accountable in driving incremental customers, sales and profit. Stay focused on conversions!

Impressions, reach, likes, calls and shares are highly overrated…it’s the biggest misconception in all of advertising. We need to reach the right people, with a qualified message that interacts with potentials customer who care. And most importantly, we need tangible measuring. This methodology will provide you with an honest ROI.

Think real action when asking yourself what you need to measure. Customer count, average ticket price, appointments and sales are all viable leads worth measuring because they all add to your bottom line.

‘Likes’ don’t make your cash register ring.

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